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​I am a boomer from Seattle. After working for many years as an educator, I turned to cartooning. The first thing I sold was the little picture at the left. It was to National Review in 1994. Much of my early work appeared in Mouth, the magazine that advocated for the rights of the disabled, edited by Lucy Gwin, and Liberty, the magazine founded by Bill Bradford that has since become the on-line journal, Liberty Unbound. My cartoons still appear there and in the Coast News, a weekly in Encinitas, California. My wife and I live here in Southern California with our dog, Wiley, who is asleep in the chair behind me as I write this. The books I am peddling on this site are collections of my favorites from the 7000 or so in the filing cabinet next to Wiley. The sole criterion I use to determine whether or not to turn an idea into a cartoon is this:  The idea made me chuckle. Perhaps you will chuckle, too. 

To contact me, click on the contact button and leave an e-mail. Special orders, permission to use, and heartfelt criticism are encouraged. 
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