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Hi. I am S.H. Chambers and this is my official website. Over the past twenty years, thousands of my cartoons have appeared in newspapers and magazines. Now you can get them here in books or e-books. On the "Galleries & Books" page, you can buy all three books of my cartoons  as paperbacks or as e-books. The e-books are only 99 cents each. There are plenty of thumbnails to click in the Galleries. Although my cartoons are sometimes childish, they are not really intended for children. So, if you are over 18 and are tired of formulaic cartoons, brace yourself for something fresh and new. Click away. Buy a book. Buy all three. Enjoy. 
Welcome! Enjoy the more than 300 cartoons here. Every page has original samples. The site was last updated on December 18, 2018. To buy a book or an e-book through Paypal, go to "Galleries & Books."